Saturday, May 05, 2007

What is physics good for? Everything!

I was surfing around this afternoon and stumbled on Mahndisa's Thoughts. In a post about her experience with hair weaves she says in an aside:

I love hair and makeup and all sorts of frilly things that I never talk about on my blog. Cosmetology has always intrigued me and before graduating from high school, I seriously considered pre law, pre med, cosmetology and of course, PHYSICS. My mother told me that physics would help me with my cosmetology curiosities and almost everything else. She was right.
Mahndisa's mom is awesome! It's a shame that more girls who are interested in science don't get that kind of encouragement when they are deciding what to course to take after high school.

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Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

07 27 07

Hello there Peggy:
I had seen your site, but had not seen this post. Yes, I will show this to my Mommy and she will be msot pleased! Thanks for recognizing that:) I thought I added you to my sidebar but evidently slipped up. You are added NOW.

Take Care:)