Thursday, June 14, 2007

Glamour magazine's Top Ten College Women of 2007

Using a Google News feed, I find all kinds of articles in publications I would never pick up myself. Like Glamour. Apparently they aren't only about just fashion and beauty, at least in one issue a year. In the May issue Glamour named its top 10 college women. All of the winners are extremely accomplished. And some are even science and engineering.

Hilary Martens
is a joint physics and music major at the University of Montana.

HER GOAL: To be a physics professor and a lead researcher on a future space mission.
Martens was on the team of scientists at NASA last summer that discovered what may be an atmosphere around one of Saturn's moons. See her interview in the University of Montana Vision for more about her physics research.

Melis Anahtar majors in mechanical and biomedical engineering at MIT.
She developed a blood-testing device that could give doctors quick, crucial information about how the body is reacting to a burn, and last summer identified a genetic basis for a rare form of albinism through her internship at the National Institutes of Health.
Anahtar has a blog on the MIT admissions web site, where she talks about her experience "Behind the scenes of Glamour."

Perhaps little truer to Glamour's interests, a second MIT undergrad, environmental engineering major Alia Whitney-Johnson, is noted for launching a program teaching Sri Lankan girls to make and sell jewelry.

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