Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Video: Lisa Randall on Charlie Rose

Today's video shows Harvard physicist Lisa Randall talking to Charlie Rose about "the origins of theories in theoretical physics.

Randall is one of the top theoretical physicists in the world. As profiled in Edge:

She was the 1st tenured woman in physics at Princeton; the 1st tenured woman theorist in science at Harvard and at MIT. She's the most cited theoretical physicist in the world in the last five years as of last autumn — a total of about 10,000 citations. In this regard, she is most known for two papers: "A Large mass Hierarchy From a Small Extra Dimension" (2500 citations); and and "An Alternative to Compactification" (about 2500 citations). Both concern "Warped Geometry/Spacetime" and show that infinite extra dimension and weakness of gravity can be explained with an extra dimension.
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