Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Video: So You Want to Be an Engineer

This week's video is a promotional video from Cisco that features a racially diverse group of female engineers, both at work and at play, apparently to demonstrate that you don't have to be a dorky white man with a pocket protector to be an engineer.

The video goes along pretty nicely until they make a big point of saying that engineering is "a great way to meet guys!" It reminds me of that 1949 "Girl Chemist" article that makes pains to point out that female chemists go on dates.

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K Wu said...

It's nice that Cisco is doing the video.

Your article reminded me that on my freshmen year in a supposedly rather good engineering school in Canada, the class were told that "surveys had been shown" that it's true that engineering is male dominated, yet, "male engineers generally perfer not to pick female engineers as dates."

Now, why were we told about it I don't know. Maybe there was no point into it because in addition to the female-engineers-get-no-dates lecture, clips of video were shown that immigrants were flooded into the country many years ago... and someone sitting behind me were yelling "go back to your country!", when some of the classmates cheered.

Didn't I felt that I was back to elementary school? Thank goodness. I switched to a better school in another country a few months later.