Saturday, April 05, 2008

Big Think: Shirley Tilghman on Women in Science

Big Think is a video site which launched in January, which features interviews with experts talking about big ideas. One of their "thinkers" is molecular biologist Shirley Tilghman, the first woman President of Princeton University. The videos are short, but interesting. Here is Tilghman talking about women in science:

Other Tilghman videos feature her talking about The Next Scientific Frontier, The Future of Cancer Research, Science in America, Teaching Science in America, Equal Opportunity in Education, and a number of non-science topics.

Of course the Big Think site has Web 2.0 interactivity - you can make an account, ask a question, leave a comment or make a video response. And there's more than just science - there are experts in business, politics, the arts and more. It looks like it has the potential to be a big time waster (in a good way).

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The Urban Scientist said...

I hosted a Science Diversity Meme - Women in Science March 2008. I've summarized the Meme and catalogued many of the submitted names. I included this post on the summary, too. Visit the Women in Science Summary at my blog.