Saturday, June 07, 2008

June Scientiae Carnival Up at Thus Spake Zuska

Zuska has posted the June Scientiae Carnival, and, as usual, there are some great reads. For those of you who aren't familiar with Scientiae, it's a monthly blog carnival "that compiles posts written about the broad topic of "women in STEM," (STEM=science, technology, engineering and mathematics)".

This month's carnival had the theme of "Taking Up Space":

How did you let the world know "I am HERE!" Or, if you feel the past year has not been so fruitful in your quest to take up positive space in the world - what added weight would you like to take on in the coming year? How do you want to take up space? How do you want to let yourself sprawl, in your professional or personal life? What, if anything, holds you back from a full-on sprawl? If you are a guy - what's something you've done or want to do that supports women who've taken on added weight, that supports women's right to sprawl in the world? How do you fight the nefarious Nutrisystem universe that tells women they should be small, small creatures of little physical or mental substance? Interpret liberally as seems fit to you.
The posts range from Janet Stemwedel's post on balancing work and family life to Amanda and Jenny F. Scientist's posts on overcoming their "ladylike demeanor" to get the equipment their labs needed. Go read them all!

The July Scientiae carnival will be at PodBlack Blog, and the theme will be:

“A voice in the crowd” - are you heard? How are you heard? Are you one of a team that works as a choir or does discordance rule the roost?

If you’re singing solo in the shower, can you be idolised for your Idol-qualities or not care if you’re called tone-deaf - as long as you’re enjoying your song?

There’s many ways that we can let ourselves be heard but who really has control of the megaphone? And who carries the tune after you’ve stopped? Feel free to work with the theme or ignore it altogether, as long as we’re listening front and center for your brilliant aria or sad swan-song on a Scientiae subject.

Learn how you can contribute to the July Scientiae Carnival, or host the carnival on your own blog.

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