Friday, July 25, 2008

Blogroll Update

Here are some new blogs on the women in science blogroll.

General and Miscellaneous

The Alternative Scientist is a group blog about "alternative career options for scientists. There are many career paths for a scientist in addition to the traditional tenure track, and the goal of this blog is to provide a forum for open and honest discussions about the various possibilities." Women who blog there include Bean mom "an ex-scientist mommy adjusting to stay-at-home-momhood" (personal blog: The Bean Chronicles), CAE, who has a PhD in molecular cell biology and works in industry (personal blog: VWXYNot?), Mad Hatter, a bioscience faculty member, (personal blog: A Mad Tea-Party), science cog "a newly appointed tenure-track assistant professor in the mathematical sciences at a large research university in the United States" (personal blog: Ivory Tower Tales), The Mad Chemist a PhD chemist working in industry (personal blog: Mad Chemist Chick), and Scientist Mother, who is "pursuing my PhD at a university in Western Canada" (personal blog: ScientistMother: raising my own little experiment). They are interested in hearing from you too:

We welcome anyone who is interested in discussing alternative science careers, whether it be to share information, advice, musings, or personal experiences. You do not have to be in an alternative science position to join us!
There is information in the blog's sidebar on how to contact them.

The Powerful Mind Coaching Blog is the professional outlet of Mary Coussons-Read, Professor of Psychology and Health and Behavioral Science at the University of Colorado Denver, who provides "cohesive life coaching for parents in academia". She says:
I founded Powerful Mind to provide what I never had as a junior faculty member-advice and support from folks who were my advocates to help me get where I needed to go professionally and personally. Now that I’m a Full Professor and Associate Dean, I’ve been on both sides of the tenure and promotion process, and have (and still do) struggled with simultaneously being a Professor, Partner, and Parent. I am passionate about working with clients to help avoid the pitfalls of balancing academic and family life. At the core of Powerful Mind is my commitment to providing a safe, professional, and deeply supportive environment to help parents who are working to succeed as academic professionals.
And, while her mission is official about "parents" in academia, her blogging is mostly about being a mom.

{teen}skepchick is the younger sister blog to skepchick. It's got all the skepticality of skepchick, but with teenaged bloggers, a younger target audience and less explicit content and language. For more details, check out their welcome post.

Cloud writes at Wandering Scientist . She says "I'm a scientist/techie and a Mommy. Pre-Pumpkin, Hubby and I loved to travel. Someday, we may even travel again. My blog has as many interests as I do."

Now, what was I doing? is the blog of JaneB, "a female scientist with an academic post in NorthernCity in England. I'm single and share a small house in MarketTown with a 'second-hand' middle-aged and opinionated cat (Furball4)."

Life Sciences and Scientists

Samia blogs at 49 percent. She's "a senior biochemistry major with plans for graduate studies in a related field. Right now I'm working as an intern at an EPA laboratory [. . .]"

Professor in Training is "a (soon to be) new (female) Assistant Professor in the biological sciences at Really Big U. After losing my social life (and skills) during my PhD, I've managed to reconstruct something resembling a life during my postdoc years and am hoping that the move to the tenure track won't lead to a nervous breakdown. I guess only time will tell ..."

Bug Girl blogs about entomology, gardening, ranting and nerdery. She has a PhD in entomology and "[a]fter a decade or so as a professor, she decided to jump the academic ship and went on to be a designer, web mistress, forensic consultant, and general attention whore." She also guest blogs at skepchick.

Panthera studentessa El is "an undergraduate zoology student with a cultural studies minor at a large research university in the midwest (technically I'm done with my degree, but I'm taking an extra year to do research and lab work before I begin applying to graduate schools)"

Pamela Ronald blogs at Tomorrow's Table. Ronald is a Professor of Plant Pathology and Chair of the Plant Genomics Program at the University of California, Davis, where she studies the role that genes play in a plant’s response to its environment. She uses her blog to "explore topics related to genetics, food and farming."

academia and me is the blog of female in academia who is "i
n the biological sciences, currently in the last phase of writing my PhD thesis. There is also a male in academia, too. We have two little children and try to one day be one of those double-career couples who actually manage to combine family and science."

Physical Sciences and Scientists

Mad Chemist Chick is "a Ph.D. organic chemist who recently escaped from the treacherous halls of academe into the Promised Land of Industry."

Computer Science and Mathematics

Tech Her is the blog of Telle Whitney, the CEO of the Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology. "Telle is a senior technical woman who is dedicated to the recruitment, retention and advancement of technical women in high tech and academia."

Confessions of a Mathematician is the blog of Courtney, "a math graduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is also the author of the critically acclaimed (or not...) math comic, Brown Sharpie."

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