Monday, July 14, 2008

Reminder August Scientiae Carnival

Hey all, posting will be light the next couple of weeks because I'll have out-of-town visitors. In the mean time, consider submitting a post to the August Scientiae carnival, which will be hosted by Faraday's Cage is Where You Put Schroedinger's Cat. Here's what she says about the theme:

Right now, I'm thinking about transitions (since I finished my MS and will "sort of" be moving next month).

I thought this might be a good theme. I'd like to hear about other people's transitions. Some things to consider are

• What big (or small) transitions have happened in your life? Or are you anticipating a big transition?
• How did it affect you? (Physically, emotionally, psychologically, locationally..)
• What was the outcome?
• Did you handle it well? If so, how did it help? If not, what could you have done differently?
• What fears or hopes did you have? Did they come to be?

Feel free to elaborate or go beyond these points. Of course, if you don't like this topic, you're welcome to discuss anything else.
Submit your (or someone else's) blog post by July 29 for inclusion.


LeCinQBlog said...

I sure do have a couple of transition stories.They might be even of use to younger women starting careers in science and medicine.But , unfortunately i may not have time to make a blog entry on that by July 29.Shall try, though.
Hugs to you

Peggy K said...

I hope you get the chance to write one of them up!

Cahya said...

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