Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Upcoming Blog Carnivals

The September Scientiae Carnival, which focuses on "stories of and from women in science, engineering, technology and math" has a apt theme: "My Summer Vacation".

You can write about anything to do with summer - for example, pick your best experience this year or talk about what summers and vacations mean to you in general. Feel free to use a post you have already posted; this year I have read some great summer vacation posts. As always, you are free to ignore the theme and write about anything to do with women in science and your posts will still be considered for Scientiae.
Submit your (or someone else's) post by 8am [EST] on August 30th. The Carnival will be hosted by Lab Cat.

Praxis There's also a new carnival: PRAXIS, the carnival of scientific life.
The carnival is intended to cover all aspects of life as an academic, whether it's the lifestyle, career progress, doing a Ph.D., getting funding, climbing the slippery pole, academic life as a minority, working with colleagues and students, dealing with the peer-review process, publishing, grants, science 2.0, amusing anecdotes, conference experiences, philosophical musings, public engagement, or even historical articles about what life was like in the good (or bad) old days.
Submit your entries before August 15th. This month's host will be Coturnix at "Blog Around the Clock".

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