Friday, September 05, 2008

Resources on Women in Astronomy

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific has put together a collection of resources - both online and off - on women in astronomy. From the intro:

This guide is not meant to be a comprehensive or scholarly introduction to the complex topic of the role of women in astronomy, but simply a resource for those educators and students who wish to explore the challenges and triumphs of women of the past and present. It's also an opportunity to get to know some of the key women who have overcome prejudice and exclusion to make significant contributions to our field. To be included among the representative women for whom we list individual resources, an astronomer must have had something non-technical about her life and work published in a popular-level journal or book. This explains why so many talented women are not covered; their work is mainly known through journals that students cannot read. Suggestions for additional non-technical listings are most welcome, however.
Some of the online resources include:
The Society's web site also has other good resources for astronomy lovers, including topics such as astronomical pseudo-science, science fiction with good astronomy, astronomy in non-western cultures, SETI and web sites for college astronomy instructors.

(via Mike Brotherton)

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Nina Munteanu said...

You have an award. Come and get it here:

Peggy K said...

Thanks Nina!

Anonymous said...

the web site
lists many women in the history of sciece who were astronomers.

Responsible Artist said...

I recommend Mabel Armstrong's book on Women Astronomers. It is a terrific resource.

Darwi said...

Thanks for this info. It is really, really useful. You're real treasure!

Peggy K said...

Responsible Artist: You might be interested in the interview I did with Mabel Armstrong last February

Darwi: Thanks *blush*