Monday, September 29, 2008

Submit Posts to the October Scientiae Carnival

Jen at deliberatepixel is hosting the October scientiae carnival. She just posted a reminder:

Let me take the opportunity to ask you all to find your best general women in STEM blog posts and send 'em on in!

If you'd like some last-minute inspiration, here's a theme to get you going: being a good example even in a misstep. Personally, I discovered that I piled on way too much work to do this month, and was only partially successful in balancing it with other social and family responsibilities. I love to hold up examples of inspirational, successful STEM women, but do you have a good story about recovering gracefully from a mistake, or teaching yourself or others about how to make even a failure a success?

Please send in posts in the usual way by the end of this week, October 3, and I will post the carnival on the weekend.
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