Tuesday, October 14, 2008

November Scientiae Carnival call for posts

The call for posts for the November carnival has been posted by its host, Jane of See Jane Compute. Her suggested theme is "trick or treat":

TRICK: What tricks have you learned in your career as a scientist---to be successful, to stay sane, to achieve balance? Have you felt "tricked" at all by something that's happened to you in school or in your career? Did someone trick you into studying science or math or computers in the first place, or into doing something you didn't believe you could do?

TREAT: Why do you find it a treat to be a scientist/mathematician/technologist/geek/nerd? What are the biggest treats in your job or in your studies? How do you hand out treats to others (i.e., mentoring, random acts of professional kindness)? Have you ever received, or given, a particularly special professional treat?
Submit your post before midnight EST on October 30th. Note that posts originally submitted for the October carnival will be included in the November carnival too.