Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Contribute to "Why is Science Important?"

Alom Shaha teaches science at an inner city comprehensive school in London. He has started a web project to help convince his students that science is important. He says:

Anyone who knows me will confirm that I wear my passion for science on my sleeve, but I don’t think that’s enough to convince all my students that science is important. Nor do I think, like some in my profession, that the importance of science is implicit in the courses we teach, that it will somehow seep into my students’ consciousness through the sheer number of hours they spend doing “science” at school.

So, I’ve started this film and blog project in which I want to ask the question “why is science important?” to people who feel the importance of science so deeply that they have dedicated their lives to it — working scientists, science writers and, of course, science teachers. I’m making a documentary, funded by The Wellcome Trust, and running this “collective blog” as I work on the film. Bits from the blog will appear in the film and bits of the film will appear on the blog. The idea is that the two will inform and enrich each other.

Shaha already has a number of responses by scientists posted on the "Why Is Science Important?" blog. He is hoping to find more women scientists to contribute, particularly video and audio items. General entries about why science is important to you are welcome, but he is also hoping to have "at least one piece that perhaps looked at why science can be important for women in particular."

Here is an entry from Rosie Coates, a PhD student in the Department of Chemistry at University College London.

If you are interested in contributing, contact Alom Shaha.

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DNLee said...

thanks for sharing. I wil definitely try to participate.

Anonymous said...

i second that thanks!