Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sharon R. Long: Science under the Obama Administration

Stanford University plant biologist Sharon R. Long is the only woman on the team of science advisors assembled by Barak Obama in September. Long's lab studies the symbiotic interaction of Rhizobium bacteria and alfalfa roots to form nodules. Root nodules are able to take nitrogen from the air to form ammonia, which is used by plants to synthesize amino acids, nucleotides and other cellular components. This ability allows the plants to grow with less nitrogen fertilizer than required by other crops, making the process of great interest to the agricultural industry. There has, in fact, been some criticism of Obama's choice of Long because of her ties to the agricultural biotech company Monsanto, on whose board of directors she served until last fall.

Long was interviewed about science under the Obama administration by Steve Mirsky for the Scientific American Science Talk podcast. Listen to the interview.

More information about Long:

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Anonymous said...

natch i wish there were more women on the team - and i'm not thrilled about the monsanto link - but i wish her well!

thank g-d there'll be a president with brains soon.

Peggy K said...

thank g-d there'll be a president with brains soon.

Amen to that. Just being willing to listen to scientists will be a big step forward.

DNLee said...

alfalfa fields are the best place to catch prairie voles, at least for me.... Great posts. Thanks for's like a Women in Science Hall of Fame. No more excuses for students who say they can't find a woman scientist to write a report on.

Bill Kuhl said...

As a man I see the importance of getting more women interested in science at an early age. I created a video about the STEPS for Girls program at UW Stout.

Bill Kuhl