Tuesday, January 06, 2009

February Scientiae Carnival Call For Posts: Hope and Change

Pat at Fairer Science will be hosting the February Scientiae carnival. This month's theme:

What do you think a better, more equitable society should look like? What are your dreams for your life? For the lives of others? How close are you to living the life of your dreams? What would make you able to live that life?

It's 2009 – a year of hope and change and the next Scientiae Carnival is about hope and change—the hopes we have and the changes we would like. I've been reading ScienceWoman, Dr. Isis and even the 1841 Lowell Offering and their ideas have really gotten me thinking. Our dreams as to what society can and should be may not happen; but if we don't dream it, it surely won't happen. My hope is that the Carnival will get us all into the discussion, help us learn from each other and move us forward. Please tell us your dreams.
Submit your entries by January 30th as explained here.

And a big thank-you to Pat for introducing me to the Lowell Offering, a journal of poetry and fiction by the girls and women working in the textile mills in Lowell, Massachusetts in the 1840s. And in particular, the piece titled "A New Society", which lists some hopes for the future that we are still working towards today.