Sunday, February 22, 2009

February Scientiae Carnival: Our Dreams for a Better, More Equitable Society

The February Scientiae Carnival was put together by Pat at Fairer Science, and it's a great one. This month's theme was about "our dreams for a better, more equitable society".

I especially like AcmeGirl's vision:

What I would like to see more of in our society in general is choice. Real choice. Not just new compulsory roles masquerading as choice. I mean a multitude of different ways for people to live their lives, and all of them equally viable and equally respectable.
I don't think we can consider ourselves truly an equitable society until that's true, both socially and professionally.

The March Scientiae Carnival will be hosted by Liberal Arts Lady. This month's theme is role models:
Who inspires you or motivates you? Who would you call your role models, at any stage of your career?
Email a link to your posts to scientiaecarnival (at) gmail (dot) com by midnight on Saturday, February 28th to be included.