Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Diversity in Science Carnival Posted

The latest Diversity in Science Carnival has been posted at Thus Spake Zuska. This edition's theme is women in science, and she's linked to some excellent posts.

The next carnival will be hosted by DN Lee at Urban Science Adventures! on the topic "Dealing With Diversity - what have you done with it, what obstacles have you faced, what success stories do you have". The deadline is May 20, so I should have time to actually post something for it.

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Anonymous said...


I know this may well be off the topic under current discussion, but I'm shopping for a different school to finish my geoscience degree. Basically, there is a pretty archaic (sort of misogynistic) paradigm where I've been and I'm thinking to set me on a better footing for grad school I'd rather transfer now - my question to all you wise ones - any women friendly geoscience departments out there that you know of? All suggestions are welcome as I'll be doing some shopping over summer (a little time to make contacts and visit campuses) but I'd like "real" advice from real women scientists? I'd like to stick to the Midwest or Northwestern united states (not a warm weather person really!)

Thanks so much!