Tuesday, May 12, 2009

June Scientiae Call For Posts: Moving Forward

Alice and ScienceWoman will be hosting the June Scientiae Carnival at the Sciencewomen blog. This month's theme is "Moving Forward":

How are you moving forward in life? Are you close to your degree, tenure, sabbatical, or summer holiday? Is that paper almost ready to go out the door? Is your baby almost potty trained or are you training for a marathon? What keeps you moving forward in your science, work, and life? Is it the drive to cure a disease, make the world a more sustainable piece, or discover something that no one else knows? Is it the promise of exciting data at the end of a long assay? Is it the thought of people calling you Dr.? Is it your daughter's smile when she wakes up in the morning, or the enthusiastic tail wagging of your dog? When things get tough, how do you motivate yourself to move forward?
Check out their post for some inspiring quotes to "help inspire the creative juices."

Entries are due by midnight UTC on May 30th. Follow the submission instructions here.