Monday, September 10, 2007

Go Read the Latest Scientiae

So I'm finally back from vacation - it was wonderful, thanks for asking, with ocean breezes followed by the arrival of a shiny new Intel Core 2 Duo baby. I've finally started to read all my "saved for later" links, but it will probably take me until next week to get through them all. Why can't the whole blogosphere plan to take a vacation at the same time?

Anyway, while I'm getting my blogging back up to speed, be sure to read the latest scientiae carnival which is up at Thus Spake Zuska, which has the theme "unleashed." If that's not enough reading, Veo Claramente hosted the last "What's Up Postdoc?" carnival at Ways and Means of the Immune System.

Also, be sure to vote for your favorite scientiae logo.



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