Monday, June 16, 2008

Do you want to be a star?

A post on LA Craigslist, NY Craigslist and Boston Craigslist (and maybe others, I didn't check):

Leading cable television network is casting for female scientists (professionals or grad students) to host a reality/documentary series. Smart, energetic, charismatic candidates wanted. No previous media experience required.

Please submit the following via email to two photos of yourself, a short bio with info about your job or studies and your passions/hobbies, a résumé/CV outlining your background in science, and your contact info (full name, email, phone number with area code, and your mailing address). Also include links to video of candidate (e.g. on YouTube), if available.
If you feel comfortable in front of the camera - and aren't too concerned about how your image might be "spun" for show - you might want to check it out. (Also the posts are almost a month old, so they may be cast already).

The same casting company is also looking for engineers (sex not specified). That ad was posted today.

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Sally Ride: First American Woman in Space