Monday, June 30, 2008

Good Websites for Young Geeky Girls

There's a discussion at Feministe about websites for young geeky girls. Here's what I suggested:

  • Smart Girls Rock! is an online community for girls into math, science and general geekydom.
  • BrainCake is the web site of The Girls, Math & Science Partnership.
  • Engineer Girl and Engineer Your Life are sites about engineering for girls.
  • Inkling Magazine is a fun online science magazine written by women.
  • Girl Start is another science site targeted to girls.
  • Girls Go Tech is run by the Girl Scouts.
  • She might be interested in reading science blogs by women too. She might enjoy, the Science Sisters blog (written by two young women) or the beauty brains (about the science of beauty products). There are many women science bloggers - I have a bunch in the blogroll of my women in science blog, linked to my name, above.

I've updated the sidebar list of sites for girls interested in science based on some of the suggestions on that thread.