Monday, June 30, 2008

Scientiae Carnival Reminder

This is just a reminder that this month's Scientiae Carnival will be published on July 3 at PodBlack Blog, and there's still time to submit an entry. This month's theme:

"A voice in the crowd" - are you heard? How are you heard? Are you one of a team that works as a choir or does discordance rule the roost?

If you're singing solo in the shower, can you be idolised for your Idol-qualities or not care if you're called tone-deaf - as long as you're enjoying your song?

There's many ways that we can let ourselves be heard but who really has control of the megaphone? And who carries the tune after you've stopped? Feel free to work with the theme or ignore it altogether, as long as we're listening front and center for your brilliant aria or swan-song on a Scientiae subject.
So submit your (or someone else's) blog post that relates to women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics by July 2nd. Submission instructions are here.